Our Philosophy

The Dumpling Diaries.

My sister once asked me “where are the dumplings?”, I responded “they are in dumpling heaven”. And that’s exactly where they were, in my belly – where they belong.

I remember the first time I tried xiao long bao; Shanghai’s incredibly moreish soup dumplings that will have you mentally calculating the ratio of dumplings to people round the table after your first bite. It was magical. There was surprise as my mouth was flooded with the hot fragrant stock, followed by mouthwatering bliss; then just pure happiness. I had never eaten anything like it in my life and I couldn’t grasp the thought of not having them again, so I went home and learnt how to make them myself. It was daunting – if you take a course on dim sum you’ll maybe attempt these on your last day, if at all, and you’ll be lucky if they’ve got any soup left inside once they are finally cooked and reach your mouth. But I took on the challenge step by step, and I succeeded first time.

This is the way we approach things at Magnum & Larder. If we eat something amazing and unusual in a restaurant or imagine some bizarre creation when we are about to fall asleep at night, we don’t file it away as a memory. We experiment, take risks, and give it a go. Our innovative and experimental approach to cooking has taken us on a journey from the xiao long bao to traditional tonkotsu ramen from Tokyo, to snow globes blown from sugar; and we won’t stop there with so far still to go.

Be imaginative, unique and brave and your tastiest dreams will come true.

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